Fitbit Charge 6 Straps

We stock a variety of Fitbit Charge 6 straps. Replace your stock Fitbit Charge 6 strap or choose from one of our premium options.

Finding your ideal Fitbit Charge 6 strap

Silicone Fitbit Charge 6 Straps

Most Fitbit Charge 6’s will come stock with a silicone strap or band. Benefits of silicone material include light weight, comfort and flexibility. Sports versions of the silicone  Fitbit Charge 6 strap provide ventilation holes which can help if your arm gets a little warm under the strap.

Canvas Fitbit Charge 6 Straps

For those that experience some skin reactions to silicone material canvas is an excellent alternative. Our canvas Fitbit Charge 6 straps are lightweight and super comfy which makes them a great option for a daily strap.

Metal Fitbit Charge 6 Straps

If you want to dress your Fitbit Charge 6 up for a special occasion you can’t do much better than our premium stainless steel straps. These will radically transform the appearance of your tracker and give it a very sleek premium feel.