Fitbit Charge 7 Straps

We will stock a wide variety of Fitbit Charge 7 straps when this upcoming model is released.

Fitbit Charge 7 News

According to a recent report the Charge 7 is expected to have slightly larger and more premium hardware aligning with fitness trackers continuous evolution. This potential upgrade will provide users with a more sophisticated and refined device. This may however mean that the Fitbit Charge 7 Straps will differ from the previous generation and not be backwards compatible.

1. Design Evolution

The New Fitbit Charge 7 is said to carry forward the legacy of its predecessor, the Charge 6, with a user-friendly design. Expect a curved glass front and a vibrant AMOLED screen, providing aesthetic appeal and improved functionality.

2. Dazzling Color Palette

Rumor has it that the Charge 7 will come in three stylish colors: classic black, chic beige, and a pop of energetic orange. Fitbit aims to make a statement not only in fitness but also in fashion.

3. Continuous EDA Smarts

One of the most exciting additions is introducing continuous body response (cEDA) sensors. These sensors promise automatic body pressure monitoring, taking health monitoring to a new level.

4. Fitness Tracking Arsenal

The Charge 7 will feature a comprehensive fitness tracking kit, including a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracking, and an altimeter tracker. Fitbit leaves no stone unturned to give users a holistic view of their health and well-being.