Fitbit Chargers

When it comes to Fitbit Chargers it can be a little confusing figuring out which Fitbit charger is the correct one for your device. Many of the Fitbit chargers look very similar to one another and sometimes the HR and non HR version of the same Fitbit model actually use different chargers!

In order to try and make the process of finding the correct charger easier we developed the Fitbit Gear selector, which uses a simple 3 step process to figure out which Fitbit Charger you need.

Common points of confusion

Alta vs Alta HR Fitbit Charger

The Alta and Alta HR Fitbit chargers look almost identical which can be confusing! The only real difference is the orientation of the charging pins. The Alta HR has horizontally mounted pins while the standard Alta has vertical pins. Each of these Fitbit chargers only as two pins even though some of the Altas have three metal plates.

Fitbit Chargers shared between models

Listed below are the models which share the same Fitbit Charger

  • Alta (non HR) / Ace
  • Charge 3 / Charge 4
  • Force / Charge 1
  • Inspire / Ace 2
  • Inspire 2 / Ace 3
  • Versa 3 / Sense
  • Luxe / Charge 5