Fitbit Versa Straps

The Fitbit Versa straps below are all compatible with the Original, Lite and Versa 2 models. Your Versa strap purchase is covered with a one year warranty.

Which of the Fitbit Versa straps is right for me?

You certainly are not short of options when it comes to choosing a Fitbit Versa strap. But which makes the most sense for your lifestyle and typical use patterns? The guide below provides a run down of the pros and cons of each Versa strap style.

Silicone Versa Straps

Versa’s almost always will come fitted with silicone Fitbit Versa straps. It’s soft, light and highly flexible. Sports versions come with built-in air vents which should help you stay cool under the strap on hot days and during exercise. The only downside is this style is less durable than more expensive options.

Canvas Versa Straps

Canvas provides a nice middle ground between strength and comfort. It’s nearly indestructible yet is still flexible and soft enough to be extremely comfortable. It’s also good for those that have skin reactions to silicone.

Leather Fitbit Versa Straps

If you are after a more fashion conscious take on the Versa straps, the leather option is a no brainer. They pair nicely wth a variety of outfits and are a nice way to dress up your Fitbit Versa. They will get a little warmer than the other options though so it’s perhaps good to have a silicone strap on hand as well for vigorus exercise.

Metal Versa Straps

For the ultimate premium look you can’t go past a metal Versa strap. It will instantly transform the look of your Versa and give it a more expensive and dressed up look. The only downside is some added weight but for many the appearance enhancement more than justifies this!

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